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Welcome to Rathe Booster Box 1st Edition

Welcome to Rathe Booster Box 1st Edition

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  • Description
    This factory sealed Flesh and Blood TCG booster box contains 24 booster packs, each containing 15 randomly assorted cards from the Welcome to Rathe booster set. Also each box pre ordered will come with your choice of Hero Deck!

    After centuries of uneasy peace, the world of Rathe teeters on the brink of chaos once again. In a world plagued by conflict, you must fight for the chance to determine your fate. Will you succumb to the machinations of others, or will you choose your own path? Pick up your sword and prepare for battle; for no matter where you run, war will find you.

    The full Welcome to Rathe booster set contains 225 cards, and is designed to support exceptional booster draft and sealed deck play, in addition to being the primary way of acquiring cards for constructed play.

    Product Configuration:

    15 cards + 1 token per pack
    24 packs per display (supports one 8-man draft pod, or 4 sealed deck players)
    Rarity Distribution:

    Token – 1 per pack
    Equipment – 1 per pack
    Common – 11 per pack
    Rare or higher – 1+1* per pack
    Premium Foil – 1 per pack
    *1 Rare + 1 Rare / Super Rare / Majestic

    About Flesh and Blood TCG
    Flesh and Blood (FAB) is a hero-centric fantasy TCG, designed for constructed, booster draft, and sealed deck tournament play.

    You play as the hero, with many classic fantasy classes to choose from. The class of the hero you choose dictates the cards you can include in your deck. Each hero has a unique playstyle that captures the essence of their class and personality. Eight new heroes will be released each year through core products.

    Set in the land of Rathe, the world of Flesh and Blood is populated with complex characters and compelling stories. We are about to embark on an epic new journey, where heroes are forged, and legends are born.