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  • Description

    A card-and-dice game of desperate magical battle.
    Key Selling Points
    • A fast-moving game of battling spellcasters that is great with twothree and four players.
    • Choices matter! Dice results are manipulated and deployed rather thanaccepted. The cards you choose to play are paramount to your victory.
    • Simultaneous play. Everyone participates all the time.

    What It’s About

    Once Etherium was plentiful and the land was peaceful.But Etherium dwindled receding to a single site. The mighty battled to control it a forge where powerful artifacts could be crafted and devastating sorcery unleashed by weaving magical elements in proper proportion.

    You are an elite spellcaster battling to control the Godsforge crafting creations and casting spells to defeat your opponents. Take the last ebb of their life force and be the last one standing!

    Gameplay Basics
    • Assign and combine dice to fabricate diverse elements to play artifactand spell cards.
    • Straightforward multiplayer conflict - everyone attacks to the leftand defends right.
    • A perfectly balanced power ramp where each player’s force risesdramatically to a climactic endgame.

    • 56 poker-sized cards
    • 30 plastic Veilstones
    • 17 six-sided dice
    • 4 scoring tokens
    • 4 reference cards
    • circular board.

  • Details
    Publisher: Atlas Games