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Betrayal Legacy

Betrayal Legacy

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  • Description
    • For 3-5 Players. Ages 12 and up
    • Based on the award-winning board game, Betrayal at House on the Hill
    • Utilizes the popular “legacy” mechanic, offering players the chance to customize their game and create a unique experience.
    • A prologue and 13 chapters comprise the “Legacy” campaign. Includes 52 brand new haunts.
    • Betrayal Legacy tells your history of the house. Each house will have a different history.
    • Chapters span from 1666 to 2004. Each chapter has several possible outcomes, which will shape your story and your game. Players take on role of a family member across many generations.
  • Details
    Ages: 12
    Designer: Rob Daviau
    Family: Legacy
    Players: 3-5
    PrimaryName: Betrayal legacy
    Product Title: Betrayal legacy
    Publisher: AVALON HILL
    Year: 2018