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    The inspiration.

    Playing chess with her dad, Aimee moved a rook onto a pawns square. With her next move she carried both the rook and the pawn to the far end of the board where she proudly announced “I get a queen, I’m going to beat you!”.


    Combine a rook and a bishop and the new piece moves just like a queen. Instead of a pawn crawling across the board, combine it with a rook, then take it straight to the other side for a promotion.  With 3 extra queens included.

    For a super cool piece, combine a queen and a knight and hunt down your opponents king.

    But watch out, if your ‘combined’ piece is taken you lose both pieces!

    To play.

    Pieces combine as they traditionally move. A combined piece can move as either piece. ‘Combined’ pieces can be split into their original pieces. If taken or promoted the ‘combined’ piece leaves the board. That’s pretty much it!

    And yes … it can be played as a traditional chess set. But you won’t want to!

    Chessplus – It’s Not Chess. It’s BETTER!

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